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Our Mission

Getting any sort of damage on your vehicle is unpleasant. We've all been there and that is why we are here to help. Whether it was a run away shopping cart that hit your car door or just that time of year and you got caught in a hail storm, we can fix it. No Matter the age, make or model, the job is based on the difficulty of the dent, NOT the car you drive.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)???

To some, paintless dent repair is simply a service offered. To us, it's kind of an art form. Paintless dent repair is just what the name implies - paintless! We have specialized tools that can access the panels the dents are on and our master technician is trained to gently massage out the dent from the backside of the panel. Knowing where to apply pressure and just how much pressure to apply is why this is such a valued skill. This can be done in a fraction of the time (hours even) and for a fraction of the cost as well.  The panel on your car is repaired to look like new again without replacing the part or compromising the factory finish. Traditional auto body repairs will take a dent, hammer it out, fill it, sand it and then paint the whole panel the dent is on. This all takes time, materials and money. You can be looking at being without your vehicle for up to a week or maybe more.

Whether you choose to go through insurance or pay out of pocket we specialize in hail damage repair.

Parking lot damage happens.  Run away shopping carts and people parking too closely are all just too common.  The little dents can be just as unsightly as the big ones.

Roof damage? Kicked in fender? Pushed in tailgate? We can fix that!

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